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Abdulai Sila

Abdulai Silá


Abdulai Silá is an engineer, social researcher and writer and the author of the first novel that was ever published in Guinea-Bissau, Eterna Paixaõ, in 1994. His historical fiction work The Ultimate Tragedy (2017) was the first novel of the West African country to have ever been translated into English.
He is also the author of two more novels and two plays, published in Portuguese. He has written short stories and several scientific articles on Energy, Telecommunications, Appropriated Technology and Education.
He believes that literature (and therefore the writer) can play an important role in the pursuit of legitimate aspirations for freedom and development throughout Africa, as well as in promoting peace and understanding among all the peoples of the world.
What you can't miss:
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The Ultimate Tragedy is a tale of love and emerging political awareness in an Africa beginning to challenge Portuguese colonial rule. By turns humorous, heartrending and wise, this is a captivating novel that brings this little-known country to colourful, vivid life.


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