Dina Salústio

Cape Verde

Dina was born on the island of Santo Antão, Cape Verde, in 1941. She has worked as a teacher, a social assistant and a journalist, in Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde. Her first collection of short stories was published in 1994. She published two novels, A Louca de Serrano (The Madwoman of Serrano) in 1998 and Filhas do Vento (Daughters of the Wind) in 2009. A  short story collection, Filhos de Deus (God's Children), came out in 2018. She is a founding member of the Cape Verdean Writers Association.
Dina is the first woman in Cape Verde to publish a novel, and the first to have a novel translated into English. The Madwoman of Serrano will be out in September 2019 - just in time for the festival.
What you can't miss:

The Madwoman of Serrano is a magical tale of rural ideals and urban ambition, underpinned by an exploration of female empowerment.

Serrano is an isolated village where a madwoman roams. But is she really mad or is she marginalised because she is wise and a woman? Could her babbling be prophecy? One day a girl falls from the sky....

Publishing date: September 19, 2019

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