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Ketty Nivyabandi

Djamila Ribeiro


Photo: Flavio Teperman

Djamila Ribeiro is a public intellectual, writer and philosopher, a social justice activist, and one of the most influential leaders in the Afro-Brazilian women’s rights movement. A prolific essayist, Ribeiro was one of 51 authors from 25 countries invited to contribute to The Freedom Papers (2018). She is the author of Quem tem medo do feminismo negro? (‘Who is afraid of black feminism?’, 2018), a collection of articles on topics such as social mobilisation, racial quota policies, and the origins of black feminism in Brazil and America. Ribeiro is an online columnist, blogger and regular columnist for the daily paper Folha de Sao Paulo and Marie Claire winner of the Jabuti Award 2020, the most important in Brazilian literature, in the category of Human Sciences, for A Short Anti-racist Guide. She was awarded the 2019 Prince Claus Prize, granted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and was considered by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential women in the world.
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