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Caricaturing History - with GADO

For generations, satire has been used as a tool for understanding complex issues. Especially in authoritarian societies, caricaturists challenge the establishment. Satire has always spoken truth to power.

In this workshop, Gado, Africa’s best-known caricaturist, will be using historical context as a tool to show how to become a better cartoonist and how to use political history to demonstrate a point.

When everybody can be a cartoonist or satirist today, aided by digital technology and social media platforms, what is the cartoonists’/satirists’ role in a society flooded with information, misinformation and disinformation at a dizzying scale? Do satirists still have a role to play in the future of democracy in Africa?


This 2-hour workshop welcomes professional and amateur cartoonists as well as students of arts/ journalism/media who wish to become satirical writers, animators, illustrators or comic artists.


Please apply by emailing two work samples and a short paragraph why you wish to participate by August 31. Please put “Gado workshop” in the subject line.

Poetry in History - with Sylvie Kandé

This two-hour long workshop will examine the complex dynamics at play between two fields, poetry and history, that are often perceived as polar opposites.

We will review and discuss excerpts from relevant literature, notably African epics.

Participants will be encouraged to write a short piece, present it to our group and exchange constructive criticism in this safe space.


20 participants who share an interest in creative writing.

All ages welcome, women are warmly encouraged to apply.

Deadline: September 10

Writing One's Memoir - with Patrice Nganang

Writing his own childhood memoir at the moment, award-winning Cameroonian novelist and scholar Patrice Nganang would like to share this journey with anyone interested in exploring this genre.

Sign up for it fast as slots are limited!

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